Development life skills

Life skills training is key to helping our participants develop more independence. We focus on providing real life training on some of the most important life skills for our participants. Our experienced support staff will work with you to strengthen and support your abilities. This aims at you being able to stay at home and take part in the community by developing the essential life skill so. This could be mentoring, providing peer support and skill developed.

Some key life skills we focus on developing are budgeting, self-care, using public transport, meal planning, grocery shopping, gardening, communication and more. It also includes assistance with high intensity activities such as personal grooming, sensory programs, music, and dance classes, going to a cinema etc.

Computer Basics

Computer skills are becoming more essential today as our climate evolves. We support participants in familiarizing themselves with navigating computer technology developing basic knowledge of programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This session also provides the opportunity for our participants to learn how to use the Internet and social media platforms. This session is focused on enhancing our participants computer literacy so that they can make online payments of their bills. We think learning computer skill will help our participants to up lift their self-confidence and self-esteem.